Product Groups

Product Groups

Our major export products are

Miscellaneous products, such as dartboards, large spools and cylinders, etc.

Highlights of the Piippo products

  • environmentally friendly
  • made of recyclable, high-quality raw-materials,
  • high precision craftsmanship


Paper tubes and cones for textile industry

  • Parallel or spiral-wound tubes as per dimension requirements, e.g. spiral-wound DTY tubes
  • Custom-made sizes and designs
  • High crush strength


Paper tubes for pyrotechnic and fireworks industry

  • Parallel wound tubes
  • Custom-made sizes and designs
  • Precision assembly of components
  • High resistance against inner pressure
  • Safety to match BAM qualification


Mortar tubes

Convolute Mortar Tubes for Display Shells and Mines

We are manufacturer of reusable mortar tubes. Diameters for these parallel wound tubes are from 2″ up to 20″. Length and wall thickness can be different.


Fibre drums, custom-made special designs

  • Size range from 10 to 2000 liters
  • Standard and custom-made sizes and designs
  • Storage and transport packages for industrial markets
  • Approved for food industry applications
  • UN certified